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Media Consent Form

32nd Street Theater is always pleased when participating students and parents wish to share their stories about our meetings, programs, and tours.  Sharing your story helps others who want to know about 32nd Street Theater and helps 32nd Street Theater promote higher education.

32nd Street Theater respects privacy.  Protecting your travel and educational decisions are important. Your consent is needed to use your experience with 32nd Street Theater to allow us to take and use audio, video, and photos of you for 32nd Street communication. This includes print, TV, radio, and online media.

I permit the following:

Use of my child’s name and details of his/her experience as a participant and consent to take and make use of my and/or my child’s audio, video, and photos in published media produced by 32nd Street Theater. This permission extends to 32nd Street Theater websites and other electronic applications as well as to printed, filmed, and taped versions.

In signing this document, I understand that I will not be paid for the use of the audio, video, and photos. 

In signing this document, I understand that 32nd Street Theater will keep copies of any electronic or printed copies and that any revocation of my permission will only extend to the versions fo the information with 32nd Street Theater’s control that have not already been published.  If not revoked by me, this authorization expires (4) years from the date that I sign it.

Thanks for submitting!

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