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To reserve your seat you must do the following: (1) Call the 32nd Street Theater office at (702) 860-6638 and request a seat reservation. (2) Complete a registration form (3) Mail and/or request a meeting to submit your non-refundable deposit (check, money order or cashier check) of $200 per person to confirm your reservation. Deposits can also be submitted via credit/debit card on our HOME page.  A written confirmation and receipt will be forwarded via US Mail only after the deposit has been received. Seats are limited and based on a first come/first served basis.

TOUR MEETINGs:32nd Street Theater will host monthly meetings and workshops prior to the tour's departure allowing parents, students and chaperones the opportunity to meet and ask questions. The meetings will be held at Nehemiah Ministries Christian Church (3606 N. Rancho * Suite 102 * Las Vegas, Nevada 89130).

After paying your initial deposit of $200, 32nd Street Theater requires that participating students submit a second payment of $500.00 by May 15 and the final balance by June 15.  Parents may make partial or full payments at any time prior to the due dates.  



Students may withdraw from the tour at any time but must do so in writing. Telephone, fax, or third-party cancellations will not be accepted.



Due to current changes with contracting with airlines, bus charters and hotels, 32nd Street Theater is no longer able to provide any refunds.



The published tour cost is final and not subject to change.



Tour prices are based on quad accommodations. Roommates will always be gender appropriate and selected prior to the tour departure. Special arrangements and pricing will be offered for students traveling with parents/guardians.



In order to ensure congenial membership, 32nd Street Theater reserves the right to reject any person as a tour participant whose conduct or grades is deemed incompatible with the interests of the tour group. All students must be currently enrolled in a Middle school and able to provide written proof of a 2.0 GPA or better.



Round Trip Air transportation, 5-day/4-night daily coach travel, nightly hotel accommodations, sightseeing tours of historical landmarks, colleges and cultural attractions.  Parents/Guardians will receive a detailed itinerary upon registering for the tour. 


Meals (lunch and dinner), beverages, additional airport fees (excess baggage), dining tips, additional hotel bills (telephone, room service, etc.), personal allowance, and additional sightseeing and entrance fees other than those specified in our itinerary.



Who can attend the tour?

 Middle school students (Grades 6-8), parents and educators.  Participants residing outside of Las Vegas may attend also (some restrictions and additional travel cost may apply). 


How many students attend a tour?

 A maximum capacity is 156 students and a minimum capacity is 25 students per tour.


How much spending money will students need on the tour?

 Students are encouraged to bring a minimum of $250 to cover food and any optional souvenir shopping.


Can students visit family and friends during the tour?

 Students are not permitted to leave the tour for any reason including the visitation of family and friends. However, family and friends may visit students upon prior approval of the parents and the 32nd Street Theater staff (some restrictions may apply).


How do parents and students stay in touch during the tour? 

 We will provide parents with a very accurate itinerary that includes the name, address and telephone number of every place we visit.  Students are permitted to travel with their cellphones.


Who are the chaperones? 

 32nd Street Theater maintains a 10:1 (chaperone to student) ratio with Carmen West, Zale Harris, Kevin Winton, Jodie Allen, Traci Allen, Anthony Rankin, Evelyn Rankin, Tracey Ealy, Treda Ealy, Lisa Whitney, Antanus Pullum, Lonnie Walker, Jamia Pullum and Chancellor Davis serving as adult and CPR certified chaperones along with Pastor Kelcey West, Tour Director.


Which landmarks do you plan to visit?

Our tour will visit Capitol Hill (Capitol Building and Library of Congress), Eastern Market and the Smithsonian’s (Air and Space, Natural History, and American History Museum), White House, National Zoo, Memorials on the National Mall (Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Vietnam and Korean), Arlington National Cemetery, Museums off the National Mall, (home to the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights) and Mount Vernon.


via our safe and secure paypal services.

3606 N. Rancho Dr. Ste. 144

Las Vegas, NV 89130

(702) 860-6638 T

Deposits and future payments may be mailed to:

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